5 reasons why you need to try injectables


There is a lot of reticence by plastic surgeons to get trained in non-surgical treatments. The main reasons as far as I can tell is either:

1) concern about how it will be seen by colleagues, or…

2) wielding a needle is somehow inferior to wielding a blade.

I have two answers to this; 1) get over it- would you really rather have treatment undertaken by people without your level of expertise? And 2) A good surgeon knows how to operate, but a better surgeon know when to operate AND when to supplement surgery with other treatments. After all, we constantly gripe about those without the full range of reconstructive options…

So so here we go. My top 5 reasons why you should do a course

  1. it’s your duty to learn the full range of aesthetic procedures
  2. its rewarding in many ways, both financially and otherwise
  3. unlike many forms of surgery (breasts/abdo/lipo) the results are on show, making your clients a walking advertisements.
  4. it may save your bacon. When I underwent surgery to my elbow, non surgical patients kept the practice ticking over very nicely!
  5. it’s enjoyable. If you like people, interspersing non surgical practice is a great way to stay in touch with your favourite patients

If you need any further reason, consider the previous post which is a financial breakdown of surgery versus Botox


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